ADA Accessibility Training

Learn how to create ADA accessible documents
(and remediate existing PDFs).

Presented by Cindy Jouper
360-464-6708 | [email protected]

Creating Accessible Documents in MS Word or Google Docs

Two 2-hour sessions

Zoom: November 7 & 14 | 1pm – 3pm
In-person: November 8 & 15 | 1pm – 3pm

This series of 2 two-hour classes will introduce participants to the fundamentals of accessible documents, and will provide instruction specific to creating accessible documents in Word, Google Docs, and Powerpoint. Participants will also have assignments in Canvas outside of class, and can earn a micro-credential (badge) for successful completion of the class.

This class is recommended for anyone who creates documents that will be posted on websites or shared electronically.

ADA Accessibility: Remediating PDFs (Beginning Level)

Two 2-hour sessions

Zoom: December 4 & 11 | 1pm-3pm
In-person: December 5 & 12 | 1pm–3pm.

Use Adobe Acrobat Pro to learn the basics of remediating PDFs.

Topics covered include:

  • Using the Action Wizard
  • Using the accessibility wizard
  • Adding Alt Text
  • Understanding tags in pdf
  • Formatting tables
  • Formatting lists
  • Checking color contrast
  • Formatting headings
  • Setting the title & author
  • Using the tags panel to check reading order

ADA Accessibility: Advanced PDFs

One 2-hour session

Zoom: December 18 | 1pm–3pm
In-person: December 19 | 1pm–3pm

Use Adobe Acrobat Pro to do advanced remediation of documents. Concepts include:

  • Accessible forms
  • Span text formatting
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Unmarked annotations
  • Links