Board Vacancy

Capital Region Educational Service District 113 is seeking applicants interested in filling the Director District #5 board position that encompasses most of North Thurston Public Schools. The board of directors sets the direction for ESD programs and represents the needs of their communities as services are planned to address the unique needs of the region’s 44 school districts, one tribal compact school, and private schools. The board meets monthly at 12 pm. While the position is not paid, all related board member travel expenses are reimbursed, and board members are offered professional development and training through state and national associations and conference attendance.

Interested applicants must reside in Director District # 5. Additionally, board members cannot be employed by the ESD, a school district, be a local school board member, or a member of the state board of education. To be considered for the position an application must be submitted no later than August 10, 2020, at 5 pm. For additional information, please contact Superintendent Dana Anderson.

  • Submit a nomination: If you know someone living in the Director District #5 service area who might be interested in serving on our Board, please nominate them by July 24.
  • Submit an application: Anyone interested in serving on our Board should complete an online application by August 10. Our Board will review applicants on August 12. They interview finalists at their meeting on September 9, with the intent to place a new board member on that day.

Additional Information

For the past year, our Board has worked to refine our framework for governance and to adopt revised goals for the ESD. Our Governance model was adopted in January of 2020, and we adopted revised goals in June of 2020.  Over the coming months our leadership team will create a strategic plan aligned with our goals, driving much of our work over the next 3 to 5 years.

The Board has adopted a long-term mission/vision for the ESD and, working with ESD leadership, has recently completed a revision to the goals for the ESD. The board then expects the ESD leadership to develop strategies and actions intended to meet the ESD’s goals and to regularly report on progress toward reaching them.

Governance Framework

Mission/Vision: To ensure excellent & equitable education for all students through service and collaboration

Tagline: Your goals, our reason


  • Close gaps: We respond to systemic disparities that produce persistent and predictable imbalances in student opportunities.
  • Grow people: We recognize potential and support professional development and learning.
  • Influence change: We advocate for students, families, and districts.
  • Eradicate racism: We confront inequity based on race, and recognize and address our own biases.

Board Roles and Responsibilities (derived from RCW 28A.310):

  • Represent the organization’s customers, clients, and the general public
  • Inform and adopt the strategic plan
  • Think strategically regarding future direction of the ESD and related services
  • Select the chief executive
  • Support and evaluate the chief executive
  • Ensure effective planning
  • Monitor program and service outcomes
  • Provide fiscal oversight and accountability
  • Approve the annual budgets
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity
  • Ask questions and strive for excellence