Communications Survey Results

Thank you to the 258 staff (79% of us!) who completed our communications survey. Your feedback is important. We will use your input to clarify our goals for the year and to improve our communications practices.

Here are a few summary observations:

  • Email remains one of our most used forms of communication.
  • Face-to-face meetings (one-on-one and departmental) are preferred means of connecting to ESD news, and serve as an effective way to provide feedback/input.
  • Staff disagree about what is “too much” and “too little” information. Leaders should need to err on the side of “more is better” and allow staff to filter for themselves.
  • We need to improve on how we differentiate email messages to staff based on roles and duty locations.
  • Staff wish to be more involved in decisions that will influence their work. They wish to be involved earlier, and staff desire more information on the reasons behind decisions. In other words, “no surprises.”

Want to see more? Take a look at the results dashboard.