COVID-19 Checklist

Checklist for responding to suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19

Adapted from the Washington State Department of Health (Version: December 11, 2020)

Note: The Governor’s “Safe Start” Proclamation requires an employer to notify their local health jurisdiction within 24 hours if they suspect COVID-19 is spreading in a workplace, or if they know of 2 or more employees with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 in a 14-day period.

General Protocols

Employees should be familiar with return to work conditions.

Pre-screen all workers for symptoms prior to each shift. Utilize attestation system (online or paper-based).

  1. Complete daily symptom checker prior to work.
  2. If not completed prior to entry to facility, complete daily symptom checker prior to start of work-day.
  3. Employees who have 1 or more Class A symptom, or 2 or more Class B symptoms follow next steps.
  4. Employees who have any symptoms of illness may continue to work from home if appropriate.

If a staff member is suspected or confirmed to have worked with COVID-like symptoms

An employee who develops COVID-like symptoms at work should inform their supervisor and go home immediately.

Note: Follow employee pathway developed by local health officials for return-to-work guidance.

  1. Strongly encourage symptomatic employees with any Class A or 2 or more Class B symptoms to get tested.
  2. Supervisor notifies HR if employee will be absent for COVID-19 reasons.
  3. Supervisor informs employee with positive test results that they will be asked to assist with contact tracing.
  4. HR provides sick leave and benefit information to employee and is in contact with employee’s supervisor .
  5. Follow additional steps below.

If an employee receives a positive test result.

  1. Employee notifies supervisor of positive test result.
  2. Supervisor requests dates employee was in ESD facilities, date of onset of COVID-19 symptoms, date of test and date of test results and any directions provided by health officials.
  3. Supervisor lets employee know that contact tracers may be in touch.
  4. Supervisor notifies Executive Team member, who will share above information with Superintendent.
  5. Supervisor notifies HR.
  6. HR requests copy of test result, but this is not a condition of following steps.
  7. HR provides sick leave and benefit information to employee and confirms with supervisor.
  8. Superintendent and exec team member review contact tracing information to determine:
    1. Facilities cleaning needs- See below
    2. Facilities opening status, close if:
      1. Directed by local health jurisdiction
      2. 2 or more confirmed cases
      3. Need for cleaning
      4. Unable to adequately staff location
    3. Staff communication plan
  9. Superintendent notifies local health department if two or more employees test positive in a 14-day period.

Identify workers or clients who might have been exposed at work. A close contact is any person who was within 6 feet of a contagious COVID-19 case for at least 15 minutes in a 24 hour period. A person is considered to be contagious 2 days before their illness onset (or, for asymptomatic patients, 2 days before positive test was collected) until their isolation period ends. Review logs, databases, and video footage, and interview employee to identify contacts.

  1. Supervisor, after confirmation from executive team member will notify employees of their possible exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace but maintain confidentiality as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  2. Supervisor, local health jurisdiction or health care provider will instruct employees with close contact to stay home for 14 days. Telework if possible, and self-monitor for symptoms.
  3. Be aware that a negative test does not rule out COVID-19 and that the full quarantine must be completed. This is because it can take up to 14 days for infection to start.
  • Stay in quarantine for 14 days after last contact. This is the safest option. Monitor symptoms during this time, and if employee has any COVID- 19 symptoms during the 14 days, suggest they get tested.

Clean and disinfect the facility. Usually, the facility does not need to be shut down. If it has been less than 7 days since the sick employee was in the facility, close off any areas or shared equipment used for long periods of time by the sick person: wait 24 hours before cleaning and disinfecting, or if not feasible wait as long as possible. During this period, open outside doors and windows to increase air circulation in these areas.

  1. Anyone assigned to clean facilities with suspected COVID exposure will follow the following Personal Protective Equipment guidance:
    1. Less than 3 hours since suspected exposure- Wear KN95 mask, gown and gloves
    2. 3 hours to 24 hours since suspected exposure- Surgical mask (Or higher), gown and gloves
    3. More than 24 hours since suspected exposure- Procedure mask (Or higher), gown and gloves

Communicate to larger affected workforce as appropriate.

  1. Explain steps being taken to reduce transmission.
  2. Reinforce any particular actions or changes that employees should take to stay safe.
  3. Provide information about how to contact the COVID-19 POC for any questions or concerns.

HR will maintain a list of confirmed and any suspected cases among employees and a list of all exposed people. We will be prepared to share this list with Public Health.