Giving Tree 2020

Welcome to this year’s Virtual Giving Tree! Our tree supports children/youth/students age 18 and under who are receiving ongoing, direct contact services from Sound to Harbor Early Learning Programs. We have 11 families with a total of 27 children. Each child will receive a “need” (practical gift) and a “wish” (fun gift).

How does it work?

Visit Signup Genius and then:

  1. Choose the item(s) you would like to purchase. 
  2. Click “Submit and Sign Up” at the bottom.
  3. Fill in your name and email address, and indicated if you will mail or deliver your item(s) to the Tyee site.
  4. Confirm by clicking “Sign Up Now.”

You will receive a confirmation email with your items listed. Please note: We suggest spending no more than $25 per gift tag/sign-up. Learn more!

Are you a shopper?

Sign up for your gift(s). Go shopping! Wrap your gift(s) and deliver them to the Event Center office at ESD’s main building by Friday, December 4. Bring a copy of your confirmation email so we can match your wrapped gift to your sign-up.

Don’t love shopping?

Sign up for a grocery gift card — or shop online! If you choose to shop online, you may have your items shipped directly to the ESD. Please ensure your items are addressed with attention to the Giving Tree and your last name (see below). This is how we will match your item to your sign-up. SHOP EARLY so items can be delivered by Friday, December 4.

ESD 113
Attn: Giving Tree (Your Last Name)
6005 Tyee Drive SW
Tumwater, WA 98512

Gifts due December 4

Thank you for your support!