Welcome to Capital Region ESD 113! Whether you are a new employee or have been here for many years, we are delighted that you are part of the ESD 113 family. This page is your starting point for information about ESD 113.

Superintendent Welcome

New Employees


Welcome to Capital Region ESD 113! As our new employee, we are committed to your growth and development. Your onboarding is our long-term process to support you on your way to becoming a fully engaged team member!

You will experience:

  • New Employee Orientation. You will meet with Human Resources before your first day of work. The day you start work, your department will welcome you. You will learn about ESD 113 and your program's operations.
  • WeAreESD113 Orientation. You will meet all the other new employees who have started working here within the past three months. You will also meet our ESD board members and executive team, and learn more about the ESD.
  • New Employee Celebration. The entire ESD team will welcome you during our annual all-staff meeting in September.

Want even more? Check the agency calendar for employee connection events.

Your voice counts! We will provide a form so you can give us feedback on your onboarding experience. This will help us improve our process for those who join the ESD after you.

If you have questions, contact your supervisor.

New Employee Checklist

As a new employee, there is a lot of information to take in. Use this checklist to help navigate your onboarding experience. If you have questions, connect with your supervisor or reach out to Human Resources.

Life at ESD

Office Hours

The Tyee site is open from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday-Friday. Check with your department or site to confirm your working hours.

Avanti Market

The Avanti Market offers self-service food and beverage options to ESD 113 employees and guests. The Market is conveniently located mid-way down the main hallway of our Capital Event Center.

Employee Lounge and Outdoor Patio

Enjoy your lunch or visit with others in our employee lounge. Refrigerators and microwaves are available for your use. The employee lounge is located at the west end of the building. Or on a sunny day, relax on our outdoor patio just outside the lounge.

Warming Kitchen

Our Warming Kitchen, located in the Capital Event Center main hallway, is available for use by reservation to both internal and external clients. This space comes equipped with large reach-in refrigerators, freezer, ice machine, stand up warmer, and commercial dishwasher. This is not considered a commercial kitchen.

Supplies for conference rooms coffee and water service are available in the Warming Kitchen. Please see your department administrative support personnel or Capital Event Center personnel for training on the use of the equipment. All employees are welcome to use the ice machine.


Service Awards

Years of service awards are presented annually at our employee all-staff meeting in September. Employees are recognized for every five years of service.

Spirit Award

This annual award is given to groups or individuals for their “Can Do” attitude in exemplifying the mission of ESD 113. Employees are nominated by fellow staff members. The awards are presented at the annual all-staff meeting in September.

ESD 113 Board of Directors Recognition

Employees may be recognized by the ESD 113 Board of Directors at a monthly board meeting for exemplary work and service.


Summer BBQ

Employees and their families are invited to attend the annual ESD 113 picnic each summer to celebrate the hard work they have done throughout the year. The event includes a BBQ, games for kids, music, and fun activities. Be sure to bring the whole family to this event.

Harvest Day & Benefits Fair

This kickoff for the employee benefits open enrollment is held at the end of October. The Events Committee hosts a great pumpkin auction and an agency chili cook-off.

Holiday Luncheon

In December, employees are invited to the annual ESD 113 Holiday Luncheon, hosted by the ESD Events Committee. This is a catered event held onsite at the Tyee building. A portion of the cost is covered by Events Committee funds. The event is promoted as a “Pay-It-Forward” event where you can purchase tickets for co-workers. The menu is a “traditional” holiday meal. Desserts are provided potluck style by each department.

Employee Committees

Events Committee

The Events Committee plans and organizes activities to recognize the contributions of our employees. Our goal is to inject a spirit of fun into the workplace! The committee is made up of employees from across the ESD who meet monthly. To join us, check with your supervisor and contact Debbie Leonard, 360-464-6757.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee promotes activities that meet today’s needs without compromising the planet's future generations. The committee is made up of employees from across the ESD. To join us, check with your supervisor and contact Annette Peterson, 360-464-6756.

Parking at Tyee

We ask that employees park in the back, leaving the front lot open to our guests. Additional parking is available in the grass beyond the fire lanes.

School Messenger System

ESD 113 uses the SchoolMessenger Notification System to provide communication to staff members regarding ESD building closures and delays (e.g. inclement weather). In order to receive updates, you need to create your own contact preference profile using SchoolMessenger’s Contact Manager web site. Contact the Payroll office to sign up.

Quiet Room

The quiet room, located at the west end of the Tyee building, is a private space dedicated for the purpose of nursing a child or to soothe a temporary condition like a headache. Please limit your use of this space.

Before You Buy Store

The Before You Buy Store is located on the second floor (go through the warehouse and up the stairs). This store has new or gently used office supplies that staff no longer need. Check here first before you purchase new supplies.

Dress Guidelines

ESD 113 does not have a formal policy, and we don’t want one. However, it is important for our staff to demonstrate a professional appearance.

Business Casual

ESD 113 has a business casual environment. We provide public-facing services to leaders at all levels of the educational system and interact with community and staff. Business casual is a balance between a professional work environment and employee comfort and choice.

Casual Friday

We allow (and even encourage) a more relaxed atmosphere on Fridays. But if you’re presenting, attending meetings, or representing the ESD in some other way, please stick with your normal business casual dress. Blue jeans and sweatshirts are allowed only on Fridays—actual Fridays—not your last working day of the week. And even though the dress code is relaxed a bit on Fridays, the spirit of a professional office is not.

These guidelines were created for staff employed at the Tyee site. Generally, the more contact you have with the public, the more formally you should dress.

Talk to your supervisor if you have questions about appropriate clothing for your work assignment.


All ESD staff have access to the Employee Assistance Program through First Choice Health. EAP provides assessment sessions with a licensed behavioral health professional for a variety of emotional, behavioral, family, relationship, mental health, or chemical dependency concerns. The username for the site is esd113.

The services are free of cost, convenient, and confidential. Employees, their spouse or significant other, and children up the age of 26 are eligible for the benefits.

EAP has a 24-hour toll-free phone line, where you will be greeted live by a customer service representative. Once you explain your need and preferences, they will match you with a provider. The provider will contact you within 24 - 48 business hours to schedule a session.

More information is available at the EAP First Choice Health website, or call 800-777-4114.



ESD 113 In-House Phone List

For a traditional printed copy of the phone list, please see the receptionist. The list below is searchable and sortable, and can be downloaded or printed.