Inclement Weather

As a general rule, the ESD does not close for weather events (either good ones or bad ones). If the ESD offices are closed, and you have signed up for SchoolMessenger notifications, you will receive a message from the Superintendent (phone, email, or text). We will also update our website to include agency closure information.

Offsite locations:

  • Because each field office is different, please follow instructions from your supervisor.
  • If you are stationed in a school district, follow their building closure/delay protocols.

If there is snow or ice, and you feel unsafe commuting to work, listen to your survival instincts and make the best choice for your personal safety. Always contact your supervisor early and often if you are unable to report to work.

Inclement Weather or Emergency Closure Leave

The superintendent shall have the authority to close the ESD office or any remote sites for a partial or full day if conditions warrant. The superintendent shall develop leave procedures for such short-term emergency closures. For long-term closures in excess of ten (10) days, the superintendent shall determine whether program and staff reductions as defined in Policy 5280 are necessary due to a reduction in funding. If implemented, such reductions shall remain in effect until access to the office or an alternate work location is secured and revenue is in place to support the reinstatement of staff.

Some staff positions may be defined by superintendent to be essential and must report during inclement weather or emergency closure events.

Inclement Weather or Emergency Closure Leave Procedures

If an employee is unable to report to work on time or cannot report to work because of inclement weather conditions and his/her worksite remains open, the employee should notify his/her supervisor as soon as possible. Upon arriving at work, the employee should inform his/her supervisor of the work time that was missed. The employee may request an adjusted work schedule if that is possible without creating overtime compensation. If a plan can be developed, a modified work schedule will be created by the supervisor and acknowledged in writing by both the employee and the supervisor. If a modified work schedule is not possible, the employee should complete a request for time off through ESD 113 Employee Access to request approval for being absent from work.

Absence due to inclement weather is to be charged in the following order:

  1. Any earned compensatory time as defined in Policy 5310.
  2. Accrued annual leave or emergency leave as defined in Policy 5405.
  3. Leave without pay (must complete Form A31).

(Employees who earn Personal Leave may use the leave at the employee’s discretion, with supervisor approval.)

The Superintendent may declare ESD office(s) to be non-operational for a partial or full day. For such closures of up to ten (10) days, Department Administrators will determine if the work can be rescheduled and develop a revised work calendar. In the event the work cannot be rescheduled, the employee will report the absence in ESD 113 Employee Access or complete a Leave Without Pay form.