Is It Friday Yet?

Capital Region ESD 113 has a business casual environment. We provide public-facing services to leaders at all levels of the educational system, and interact with community and staff. Business casual is a balance between a professional work environment and employee comfort and choice.

But Fridays are different. They’re more relaxed. Jeans are OK, as are jerseys that show off your team spirit. Just another reason to TGIF!

Now that our main building is open to the public by appointment only, what does that mean for our work attire? Until we go back to regular operations, if you are working on-site, we invite you to dress as if it’s Friday — every day! (But if you’re presenting, attending in-person meetings, or representing the ESD in some other way, please stick with your normal business casual dress.)

That means jeans are OK every day, for now. Shorts and flip-flops? Not so much. If you have questions, please ask your supervisor.