Launching a New Year

The leadership team met for the first time in the 2019–20 school year on September 9. The purpose of these meetings is to increase the productivity and success of our leaders, and to support communications across the agency.

Leadership Team Updates

Building on Prior Work

The team took time to review topics they’ve discussed from the past several years: Strengths Finder, OZ Principle, Hope, and Equity (which includes book studies on White Fragility, Whistling Vivaldi, and Blindspot).

What One Thing

For homework, each team member will choose one goal for the year that they will print out and post in their work space — after discussion at the October retreat. Feel free to engage leaders in conversation about what one thing they’re focusing on when you see their goals posted.

Dealing in Hope

“A leader is a dealer in hope.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

The team spent time talking about what leadership looks like at the ESD. What are the current expectations of our leaders? How are those reflected in reality? The Leadership Team is working toward a shared understanding of the expectations to provide clarity.