On the Move — Teaching & Learning, Student Support

As Superintendent Dana Anderson mentioned in his email on June 13, 2019, with the retirement of Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Mike Hickman, “We are making a bold, strategic move to bring student support and teaching and learning together under the leadership of [Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning] Andrew Eyres. Andrew will be working with both groups of staff to create new partnerships and to strengthen collaboration between these two groups.” We have not yet decided on the name of this new division.

During the next few months, we will be reorganizing the workspace of some staff to support this collaboration. From the ESD’s back parking lot entrance, the newly combined Teaching & Learning/Student Support area is across the hall from Workers’ Compensation.

Phase 1

By the end of June, Shelley Byington will move into the Teaching & Learning/Student Support area where she will continue to support the GRAVITY program. Nichol Lindsay and Andrew Eyres will move into the office space at the front corner of the building—Mike Hickman’s former office area—near Human Resources.

Phase 2

By mid-July, Erin Wick and Lori Thompson will move into the Teaching & Learning/Student Support area.

Phase 3

By the end of August, Lynn Nelson, Anne Morris, Chris Chitwood, and Christy McWherter will also move into the Teaching & Learning/Student Support area.

Within the Teaching & Learning department, some folks will be moving internally to accommodate these changes. If you have questions, please contact Andrew.

More moves will occur as space becomes available and, in some cases, after some light construction is completed. We will share more information as these changes get closer.