Parking & Entry

Changes are coming to parking & entry at Capital Region ESD 113, starting February 1!

Tyee Site Employees

  • Please park in the back of the building on the north side, nearest to Costco.
  • Use your Tyee site employee badge to swipe for entry through the back or side door. (Ask Ed Otos if you have questions.)
  • It is OK to park in any space marked “RESERVED” with yellow paint.
  • Do not park in loading zones, and please park in handicapped spaces only if you have a permit.
  • Park in the front only if there is no space in the back.
  • Do not enter the building through the True North door. It is a working clinic.

Offsite Employees & Guests

  • Please park in the front of the building and enter through the main door.
  • All other doors will be locked.