Policy Advocacy

The 2020 Legislative Session starts next week! Will you be involved in legislative advocacy or legislative testimony? The Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) requires efforts to influence policy to be logged, and if the agency exceeds certain limits, we must formally register as a lobbyist (the agency, not as an individual).

Capital Region ESD 113 tracks our agency-wide political activities through a Google Form so we can report them at the end of the year. Please fill it out if you do any of the following:

  1. Present or testify at a legislative committee hearing
  2. Present or testify at an agency rule-making hearing
  3. Meet with legislative staff to prepare, modify or influence proposed legislation
  4. Meet with legislators to assist in preparing, modifying, or influencing legislation
  5. Submit written testimony as part of the legislative process

Your role or relationships may connect you to any, or all of the above activities — something expected of ESD leaders. As an agency, we need to log this work, and determine if we must file with the PDC.  I would strongly encourage you to communicate with your Executive Team supervisor if you are involved in any of the activities listed above, so that we can proactively monitor and respond to ESD staff involvement this legislative session.

Thank you for your time and advocacy on behalf of our communities and the ESD!