Pre-Inspection Assessment

Why Inspection Occurs

WA State Department of Labor and Industries, Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) does not need a specific reason to come inspect premises. Common reasons for inspection include:

  • Serious on-the-job accidents involving hospitalization of one or more employees
  • Observation of an unsafe act or condition by an L&I compliance officer or consultant
  • Response to a complaint launched by an employee or employee representative


  • Providing insight into common SchoolDistrict violations
  • Reviewing incident details, and offering best practice recommendations
  • Ensure compliance with L&I DOSHsafety regulations
  • On-Site support during inspection day
  • Citation reduction potential


  • Initial contact and evaluation of the accident, or reported safety violation
  • Interviews may occur with injured employees, witnesses, supervisors, or others
  • Request for information and documentation, before, during, and after investigation
  • Issue of appropriate citations and required corrective actions – A timeline is provided for implementation of corrective action or appeal submission


Bob Pierce

Safety & Health Administrator

360–464–6881 | [email protected]

Stacia Bolger

Director, Risk Management

360–464–6886 | [email protected]

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