Safety Meeting Minutes — December 2019

December 23, 2019

11:00 am | Satsop Room

  • Call to order: Jamie B.
  • Members Present: Shelley B., Kristi P.
  • Admin. Rep: Ed O.
  • Guests: Bob P., (Jason A., filling in for the departed Rick N.)
  • Absent: Nichol L.

Old Business

The Sept. 23, 2019, minutes were approved.

New Business


Additional Agenda Items

Nothing added.

Committee Elections / New Members

Early Learning will add one permanent position to the committee. This position will be filled by Jason Stahl from transportation. All existing members (for some reason) want to stay on. We had a few staff interested but only if existing members want to depart.

Easy Alert / Rapid Responder Update

Bob, Stacia and Ed met with David Corr from Rapid Responder to get started mapping our building. Bob and Ed will work on this project through the winter to get it up and going. System activation and pertinent staff training is anticipated by spring.

New Updated Safety Program & Orientation Department Schedule

Bob and Ed have continued with department safety orientation and emergency procedure updates and review.


  • Teaching & Learning/CRISC
  • Workers Comp./School Fiscal
  • Front Reception/Fingerprinting
  • Inner Offices: IT, Network, Event Center, Ed Jobs, T & L Satellite office
  • Scheduled: True North
  • Yet to be scheduled: Administration Wing, In-House Early Learning
  • TBD: Business Office

Safe Schools Update

Per Heidi in HR, annual trainings for staff will be scheduled in February.

Early Learning (Head Start) Safety Committee News

Jason A. is currently filling in for Early Learning Safety. All is going okay. We are seeing an increase with incidents in Early Learning.

The following incidents occurred during the past three months:

  • ESD Main Building: 1 incident
  • Early Learning Field Offices: 15 incidents
  • True North Field Offices: 0 incidents
  • Gravity Field Offices: 0 incidents
  • Lewis County Special Ed: 0 incidents
  • School Nurse: 1 incident
  • Olympic Academy: 1 incident

Head Start Incidents:

  1. While bending over child struck staff member, injuring head and neck
  2. Child threw potato masher at staff member, hitting face, bruised right eyebrow area
  3. Child bit staff member, right forearm, right arm
  4. Child tossed Lego base and struck staff member left temple, bruise and bump
  5. Staff member slipped on grass, twisted right leg & back, strained leg and back
  6. Staff member on floor cleaning, another staff person open door hit staff member on head
  7. While falling upstairs reaching for student, sprained ankle, leg, both feet
  8. Staff member burnt forearm and left arm on faucet
  9. Pregnant staff member punched in stomach area, felt cramping after event
  10. Child pinched staff member and bit, Right arm pinched, bit left arm
  11. Child tossed clip board at staff member injured left eyelid and eye
  12. Child picked up chair and slung it at teacher, Rt. Leg and ankle injury
  13. Staff member while cutting grapes, cut left finger with scissors
  14. While using a bottle for cleaning, dropped it and cleaning solution splashed up at staff member, left eye exposure
  15. Child bit staff member on right arm

ESD Main Building Incidents:

  1. Staff member at airport, fell upon standing, fractured right ankle

Olympic Academy Incidents:

  1. Child dug fingernails into staff member, scratches on arm

School Nurse Incidents:

  1. Staff member turned, rolled right ankle, fractured right ankle

Possible Safety Hazards

More repairs are needed to the warehouse concrete floor. Ed will repair ASAP.


All committee members met for annual year-end lunch prior to meeting. This was a closed-door event and no alcohol was present.

Next Meeting

TBD – February 2020