Safety Meeting Minutes — February 2020

February 24, 2020

9:00 AM | Satsop Room

  • Call to order: Ed O., Acting Chair Temp.
  • Members Present: Shelley B., Nichol L., Kristi P., Jamie B., Arlin T., Jason S.
  • Admin. Rep: Ed O.
  • Guests: None
  • Absent: None

Old Business

The December 23rd, 2019 minutes were approved.

New Business


Additional Agenda Items

Nothing added.

Welcome New Members / Elect New Chair

The committee welcomed two new members. Arlin Tangen and Jason Stahl, from Early Learning (EL). Arlin fills the position once held by Rick Noren. Jason will represent EL transportation, a new position. The committee nominated and voted in Jamie B. as the next chair of the committee. She held this role before, and though receives no extra pay, the mighty power of the gavel is enough for her.

Easy Alert & Rapid Responder Update

Bob and Ed have almost completed the mapping of our main building. Once completed, they will start training top administrators with the Easy Alert App. Administrators will use the app during drills and events. More information coming soon.

New Updated Safety Program & Orientation Department Schedule

Bob and Ed continued with Department Safety Procedure Review and Orientations. (DSPRO) In March we have the Admin. area and Business Office area. Early Learning In-House Admin. will be scheduled soon.

Safe Schools Update

On February 3rd, all ESD 113 full and part-time staff received assignments. LCSEC and Olympic Academy were also assigned trainings this date. Training completion is due by May 31, 2020. Heidi Westfall in HR will send incompletion reports to the Exec. Team on April 1,  May 1, and every week thereafter. The committee suggests that if staff make any of the red flag lists that may be bad.

Early Learning (Head Start) Safety Committee News

Emergency Response Plans for each center are in the works.

The following incidents occurred during the past three months:

  • ESD Main Building: 0 incidents
  • Early Learning Field Offices: 6 incidents
  • Student Support Offices: 1 incident
  • Olympic Academy: 0 incidents
  • Lewis County Special Ed: 0 incidents

Head Start Incidents:

  1. Staff member while kneeling and getting up injured right knee
  2. Staff member was bit by child, right wrist
  3. Staff member while helping child, felt pop on knee, fractured right knee
  4. Toy was thrown at staff member, put hand up to deflect, pain left pinky finger
  5. Staff member while carrying in small trampoline, rolled left ankle, strain/sprain
  6. Staff member fell and hit forehead, bruised head

Student Support Incident:

  1. Staff member involved in a no-fault auto accident and hit power pole. Multiple injuries.

Possible Safety Hazards

The committee notes parking lot speeding continues. Please slow down while driving through the parking lot. We have cameras so we know who you are.


None at this time.

Next Meeting

TBD – May/June 2020