Spirit Award 2020


The Spirit Award is intended to encourage teamwork around the agency. It highlights departments/programs/individuals who go above and beyond expectations and generate team spirit and provide excellent service.


2020 – Olympic Academy and Early Learning Summer Food Service Program

The Olympic Academy staff has worked hard in the face of a global pandemic to create a sense of normalcy and to maintain their focus on students. They have adapted their program and curriculum, embraced new technologies, and made students feel wanted, competent, and successful.

The Early Learning Summer Food Program team delivered more than 13,000 meals and snacks to families in need in the Early Learning program. The dedication of our cooks to make items from scratch and the tenacity of our drivers to make sure those meals make it to the families—come rain, shine, or guard animals—is inspiring.

Previous Winners

2019 – Human Resources Team
2018 – Early Learning Program Facilities Maintenance & Marsha Mills
2017 – Head Start Administration & Beth Schilling
2016 – Brenda Griess & Pam Grigsby-Jones
2015 – Carrie Sherman
2014 – Tifney Reins
2013 – Marsha Mills
2012 – Kim Pearson
2011 – Maintenance Department
2010 – Agency Reception
2009 – Head Start Facilities
2008 – Network Services
2007 – Internal Accounting
2006 – Internal Technology Department
2005 – Fabulous Edu-Tones
2004 – Content Specialists
2003 – Fiscal Department
2002 – Maintenance Department

Department/program/individual keeps the award for one year. The Award is then returned on All-Staff Day to be awarded to the next winner.