Regular Positions

Connect with HR

The Human Resources team is here to help you throughout the hiring process. We provide the tools and customized service you need to recruit the best talent. Our goal is a consistent, fair process with clear communication.


  • Ensure it accurately reflects the duties, knowledge, skills, and abilities of the position.
  • Contact Heidi Westfall in HR if you need to make changes to the job description.


  • Complete the Job Opening Authorization (JOA) form and submit it to HR for review and approval. HR will post the position on EdJobsNW and any sites you list on the JOA. Contact HR to get approval if you want to recruit applicants internally.
  • Attach supplemental questions that you would like to ask on the job application (if any) to the JOA.


Prepare to Interview




  • Personnel Selection Form and Candidate Rating Form
  • Interview questions and notes
  • Interview team Confidentiality Agreement
  • Reference checking materials

Get Approval

  • Get approval from the HR department before offering the job.
  • Choose whether you or the HR department will make the job offer.


  • HR will send you a confirmation email that includes job title, rate of pay, range/step placement, hours per day/days per year (part-time/full-time status), and location.
  • If you decide that you would like to call the successful candidate instead of HR, here are your talking points:
    “We are pleased to offer you the [full-time, part-time, etc.] position of [job title] at Capital Region Educational Service District 113, conditioned upon the results of your board approval, required education and/or licensing, background check, and I-9 form results. You will be reporting directly to [manager/supervisor name] at [workplace location].”
  • If the offer is accepted:
    “That’s so great to hear! The ESD’s HR department will contact you soon to complete the hiring process, which will include determining your start date.”
  • Then let HR know right away that the candidate has accepted so they can do their part.


  • After your candidate has accepted the offer, contact the other people you interviewed to let them know they were not selected.

Download a printable checklist to help you track forms. Download hiring forms from Google Drive.

Temporary Positions

Hiring manager

  • Identifies applicant.
  • Emails to HR:
    • Applicant name and phone number.
    • Position and location.
    • Hours and days.
    • Desired start date.
    • End date of assignment.

HR Department

  • Provides applicant with application and disclosure statement.
  • Reviews application and disclosure statement for approval.
  • Coordinates and conducts new hire orientation and fingerprinting (if applicable).
  • Notifies hiring manager if fingerprints are clear (if applicable).
  • Emails hiring manager when applicant is cleared for hire and provides a start date.