Classification Review Process

If you would like to create a new position, reclassify an existing position, change the title of a position, or request placement of a team member into a different position, please read and follow the Classification Review Process link below. NOTE: Requests for reclassification will not be considered if they are based solely on a desire to increase current salary placement.

Classification Review Process

Calendar of Compensation Committee Meetings

May 29, 2024
July 17, 2024
September 18, 2024
November 20, 2024
January 15, 2025
March 19, 2025
May 21, 2025
July 16, 2025

Leader U

ESD 113 is committed to growing our own people. Coordinated by the Office of Human Resources, Leader U Bootcamp is a leadership development course for current and aspiring agency leadership. Cohort participants attend a series of comprehensive and practical leadership and management classes. Classes vary from year to year as we adjust to meet the demands of an evolving workplace and new methods to help unlock your leadership potential. Types of classes include:

  • Human Resources and PDP Development
  • Budget and Fiscal Management
  • Managing Change
  • Communications
  • HOPE
  • Leadership Essentials


Refer to the following ESD 113 Policies and Procedures for guidance with personnel matters:

  • 5000 Series – Personnel. Topics include employee classification categories, non-discrimination policies, anti-harassment policies and reporting sexual harassment.
  • 5100 Series – Staff Recruitment, Selection, and Assignment. Topics include recruitment, employment, contracts, retiree hiring, and volunteers.
  • 5200 Series – Employment Practices. Topics include administrator responsibilities, drug-free workplace, reasonable suspicion, work day and work week, telecommuting, staff evaluation, separation from employment, resolution of staff complaints, personnel records, conflict of interest, gifts, gratuities or favors, employee publishing, copyright compliance, and political participation.
  • 5300 Series – Compensation and Employment. Topics include compensation, health care and retirement benefits, employee assistance program, tax-deferred annuity, salary reduction agreement, and professional membership.
  • 5400 Series – Personnel Leave. Topics include leaves, annual leave, bereavement leave, discretionary and leave without pay, emergency leave, family care leave, inclement weather, jury duty/civic leave, military leave, shared leave, and holidays.
  • 5500 Series – Staff Development. Topics include staff development.